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Ginger Ennis

Sister Ginger Ennis

Hello, my name is Ginger Ennis. I am going to try and share my experience of being saved with you. I grew up in Kokomo Missionary Baptist Church and I thank my Lord for that. I feel very fortunate that I was raised under the truth. I had sat under many sermons warning me that I was a sinner and needed to be saved. I had even went to the altar many times trying to pray thru to the Lord, but failed. At the time, it seemed like the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. I remember asking one of my friends, Amy Kidwell, who is now with the Lord, how it felt when she got saved and she told me ” It is hard to explain, I just got this peace.” I was really concerned about my soul and didn’t want to die and go to hell. In our church services, most of the time, after the preacher preaches he might ask if anyone feels the need to come and pray, we call that an “altar call”. I don’t know how many times I would go and pray and come up with no answer. I would be praying, but I would also be worried about how long I’d be down there or other distractions. Looking back now, I wasn’t to the point that I was serious about my situation. The night I got saved was totally different. I was sitting just a row back from the front and my father happened to be preaching. I, for some reason, only remember one word that my father had said during his sermon which was “strive”. The Lord was pounding on my heart soooo strong that I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my chest. I couldn’t wait for my Dad to finish his sermon so I could go and pray! When he finally did I headed straight for the altar and began praying. I don’t know how long I had been kneeling, and I didn’t care. When I went to the altar that Thursday night, I had made up my mind that I was going to struggle and strive until the Lord saved my soul. I couldn’t go on feeling like I did. I’m sure, as I prayed, I promised the Lord anything if he would just save my soul, but the Lord didn’t want anything from me. He is the one who does all the saving. The last thing I remember asking the Lord was “Please don’t let me get up and have to tell them that I didn’t get saved again!!! ” RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT the Lord saved my soul!!!! I looked up from the altar and the first face I saw was Bro. Watts and I told him that the Lord just saved my soul. I shouted like crazy. Amy was right, I had peace in my soul. Just as much as I felt the Lord drawing me to kneel and pray to him, I felt him save my soul and take that burden away. I didn’t need for anyone to tell me I was saved, the Lord let me know. I thank him sooooooooooooooo much for saving my soul when I was 12. He has been with me ever since and has promised to be til the end of time.
If you ever feel God drawing you to pray to him to save your soul, please do. It is gift you’ll never forget. Don’t ever let anyone try and tell you that you’re saved. God is the only one who can let you know that. It is an experience between you and the Lord. God Bless !!

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