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Sandy Roe

Sister Sandy Roe

I have been going to Kokomo Missionary Baptist Church since “before” I was born. We went to church every single time the doors were opened – Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Saturday singings, Business meetings, and revivals. Church was our extra-curricular activity. I used to sit with the Davis girls or Sister Vicki McClain just about every Sunday, because I loved to sing, and they were the best singers in the world (remember, my world WAS church…).
When I was about 6 years old, I realized that I was lost (if I died, I would not go to heaven). I remember being very scared. I remember my first trip to the alter. That Sunday morning, I was sitting with Janie Davis, and it hit me! I was not going to heaven! Being so young, I bolted to the alter, but just could not find that peace. I had listened to other people’s testimonies over the years… How they had held on to something that prevented them from being saved. I told God that I would do anything to be saved! (I even gave up lipstick – which I was too young to wear – because I had heard Sister Davis say that she thought she couldn’t wear lipstick if she was a Christian…) I searched for salvation for many years. I always loved going to church, until the alter call… I know that my finger prints are on the backs of several pews! I would feel that conviction, and I knew that someone would come to me to ask me about my soul. Sometimes I would dash downstairs as soon as the preacher finished to avoid that feeling. It seemed that those people at church KNEW that I was running. I went to the alter several times over the years. Sometimes I would fall asleep while I was praying. I was just not serious enough!
Then, during the spring revival at Kokomo MBC, something was different. My friend Karen and I had both been seeking the Lord. I was 13 years old. Brother Paul Bryson was the evangelist, and my family had gotten to know Brother Bryson quite well. I loved and admired him so much! Well, that Wednesday night, he preached. I was so sin-sick that night. When the alter call was given, I went to the alter. I prayed for quite a while, but still found no peace. I gave up again, and went back to my seat. I saw my friend Karen go downstairs, so I followed her. When we got in the bathroom, we each asked the other if we had gotten saved. Of course, neither of us had found that peace. A few moments later, her mom (Louise Simmons) came into the bathroom, and she asked me if I had gotten saved… At that moment, I asked God not to make me say, “No” again, and POW! God saved my soul at that very moment! It was truly the most amazing moment of my life! I shouted, and that brought the whole church downstairs into that tiny bathroom! Of course, I remember Brother Paul Bryson being the first one there! Everyone was beautiful to me! As we drove home that night, I stared at the stars thinking that they seemed so much brighter! Then the devil started working on me. I couldn’t tell anyone where I had gotten saved because it was embarrassing… Well, I want you to know that I am not ashamed of my Savior or where He chose to save me! I will shout it from the rooftops for the rest of my life. That was on Wednesday, May 15, 1979. I joined Kokomo MBC 2 weeks later and was baptized by Elder Charles Chapman in a creek at Brother Paul and Sister June Irwin’s farm. My life has not been perfect, but I have a Heavenly Father that I can turn to at any time! Praise His Holy Name!!!

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